The Beauty Of Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore Painting

Tanjore Paintings – The Indian Heritage Artform That Stood The Test Of Time! 

A religious painting with a royal heritage is the best definition for Tanjore paintings, also known as Thanjavur Paintings. These paintings rank among the greatest traditional art form which India has noted worldwide. As we have already seen in the previous blog that these paintings are a celebration of the region’s artistic and rich tradition which is named after the town of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. Tanjore Paintings are known for their extravagant depictions of the deities and other gods with the use of vibrant colours and textures especially the use of gold foil. These paints from the earlier times till now have been used as a home decoration piece by many people and are highly renowned for their rich tradition featuring the deities. Attrattiva is the leading manufacturer of Tanjore Paintings in Noida having one of the best Tanjore Painting Showroom in Noida.

In recent times, it has also been seen that this artform has seen several changes and has been one of the most loved art forms even today. These religious paintings are known for depicting a belief and spirituality with the essence of the creative work. It has always said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Paints are known for adding a touch of harmony and beauty to any surroundings they are kept to. They have been a form of expression, true wisdom of worship and a collector’s love. Tanore paintings have been known to be founded in the 17th century and have registered most of their evolutionary changes under different rulers in Thanjavur. This fine art that was brought up by Thanjavur has provided us with the most valuable cultural treasure. 


Reasons Why One Should Choose Tanjore Paintings?

  • Tanjore Paintings are rich in Tradition and are embossed with gold foil and precious stones which makes them a valuable piece of art. 
  • Tanjore Paints are known for their grandeur and heritage and are considered to be a perfect home decor that can add auspiciousness to any space. 
  • Tanjore Paintings being an exquisite piece of art can also serve as a perfect gift for the art of home decor lover. 
  • Apart from this, Tanjore Paintings can also be a perfect voyage gift for anyone moving out of the country because what could be better than a traditional gift connected to one’s Indian roots.  


The art form of Tanjore Paints depicts God & Goddesses and the stories of Indian Mythology. These paintings are highly auspicious and can create a divine aura in homes. We also have one of the highly renowned Tanjore Painting Showroom in Delhi where you can find a wide range of this exquisite art form. They truly are a masterpiece of art for any art lover and a perfect gift for any appreciator of the art. Let us preserve this beautiful Indian Tradition and art and stay connected to our roots. Buy a piece f this sophisticated yet traditional Indian heritage and add beauty and harmony to your home. 

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