Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore Paintings – Where Creativity Meets Tradition

Since ancient times, Art has been known to present the beauty of everything in its best and pristine form. It has been used as a medium to express the magnificence of nature, history, objects, god and goddesses and much more. There are plenty of art forms that are known to showcase the culture but there is one magnificent art form that showcases true Indian Traditional paintings that are known to portray the beauty of almighty and that is Thanjavur or Tanjore paintings. It has been said that no other art form till now has been able to represent the gods in a way better than Tanjore paintings does. Attrattiva is the leading manufacturer of Tanjore Paintings in Gurgaon. No wonder why these paintings are so much in demand in the market also considered a great souvenir option. Almost every south Indian home or to be specific Tamil family would have a framed painting of the god in different colours at their home. 

Tanjore Paintings are considered so common that they been accorded the artistic status that they deserve. Though this particle art form has undergone various changes over the years but has continued to be popular among the lovers of art even today and inspires many artists with its truly Indian style. Tanjore Painting style basically began during a period of rule by the Nayakas who encouraged art music, dance and paintings. Many devotional icons are also positioned at the centre of the paintings and the artworks are full of colours making them a divine addition to a home. 


Tanjore paintings in Noida


The Technique of Tanjore Paintings 

Tanjore paintings are also known by another name that is Palagai Padam meaning picture on a wooden plank, as they are basically completed on boards made from jackfruit or teak wood. The use of vibrant colours in the painting and gold foil are the main features of Tanjore Paintings, with precious and semi-precious stone used for decoration. Many artists in the past times used vegetables and mineral dyes as the natural colours for these artworks and as time changed the chemical paints have taken over it.  The main colours that were taken included the shades of reds, blues and greens. Tanjore Paintings were made to stand out in the Indian art forms. Moreover, some of the common themes of these paintings were related to Lord Rama, Krishna and other gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology. Our range of Tanjore Paintings in Noida is made of the best quality material to enhance the look of your space with its beauty and traditional Indian art form. 

Tanjore Painting style still has a broad appeal even today is popular among many people. It can be easily seen in many Hindu households. Along with that, this art form has also stood the test of time ad continues to be popular. Creating a work of genius has been an easy task and Tanjore paintings have testified this fact down through the generations. Tanjore painting styles require a lot of good deal passion and perfection. 


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