Pictures represent the soul of any living scene. In this section of media, you’ll witness the exemplary creativity and magnificence in the home decor products and furnitures manufactured by Attrattiva.

Aesthetics of the home decor products, plays a vital role in contributing to the beauty of your house. Every minute details sums up to form a visually appealing piece when it is collectively brought together.


attrattiva prides in its extensive collection of home decor accessories that come together to make it the one-stop destination of luxurious home decor products. From beautiful sculptures to mesmerizing artefacts, the craftsmen at Attrattiva design a wide range of accessories that are second to none. With precise detailing and ingenious strokes, every accessory is unique to its nature and the best of its kind. Not only that, the wide variety of products will give you a hard time in selecting the best accessory because each one of them is better than the other. Attrattiva boasts a wide collection of sculptures, artefacts, art pieces, and paintings.






Enterainment Area

The Entertainment area demands a positively casual and light-hearted vibe. Attrattiva manufactures an interior friendly furniture and products for the entertainment area. Bar is the life of an entertainment area. The design of the bar should be layered with an elegant yet glamorous pattern to leave an imprint of your rich taste on the minds of your guests. Similarly, the pool table produced by Attrattiva matches the descriptions that you were looking you.




Look around at the place you’re sitting at right now. Is the interior of that room matching the purpose of its function? Take for instance, a bedroom. The furniture and the decor of a bedroom should be the perfect amalgamation of luxury and calmness. The right products in the rooms uplift the ambience of every room and reflects its purpose in its true sense.




Stone Inlay

The art of stone inlay has been going around for years. Marble patterns are formerly chosen as the base material over which craftsmen adroitly inlay stone to give it a creative touch. These artefacts improvise the vibes of every room that they are in. You can place them in your living room as a home decor accessory. Attrattiva has a wide range of Stone Inlays which are customized depending upon the needs of different interiors.

Wall Art

Attractive Wall Art is the life of any room. From a study room to the general living room, specific wall art boosts the creativity in the minds that look at them. And not to forget, a luxurious wall art always impresses your guests. Attrattiva manufactures bespoke wall art with a dash of luxury, just as your mind desires.

Kitchen Wardrobe

Elaborating the beauty of ‘Make In India’ products, Attrattiva produces extraordinary Kitchen Wardrobe right at their factory in Ghaziabad. Attrattiva does the task of implementing creatively exquisite pieces which are the exemplar of luxury and elegance when placed in your home. One glance at these pictures will speak to you about the quality of our products.

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